Space Type / Commercial.Office

Floor Area / 515 m²
Location / Taipei City.Taiwan
Main Materials / Aluminum Tube. Wood Veener. Paint. Tempered Glass. PC Hollow Sheet. PP Broadloom Carpet. PVC Floor Tiles

Photography / Weimax Studio

Blue—constant, stable, while remaining the warmth of human touch—perfectly interprets the inseparable connection between technology and humanity.

Intended to break the contrary and categorization, the project tries to place technology and its users on the same aesthetic level. The designers embellished warm toned materials with techno blue pieces, erasing the boundary between sense and sensibility as well as blurring the separation between work and leisure. Every moment here becomes a personal experience of reshaping the established systems and norms.

Wood and concrete form the base of the space, in which blue colors randomly run across, creating eye-catching corners. Is the blue the rational subject, or the irrational object? It bears the pull and push between the two ends: technology and humanity, work and leisure.

The ceiling of the working area seems like a still piece of blue land, which calms the minds of the staff. As your sight touches the ground, you will find a carpet in various shades of blue, creating vibrant layers for the space. The light brown wooden desks add a soft, warm feeling to the room, balancing the atmosphere of the entire place.

TREVI keeps “striving for the best”, and the reason why the team can make it is “total relaxation”. Home is the place where people feel most at ease and comfortable. Couches, TV, kitchen and dining tables are the essential elements that bring the sense of home into an office.

Against the French window, the L-shaped seating area overviewing busy streets from day to night seems independent yet related to the city, enabling employees to rest in their most relaxing postures. By the pool table, when the grown-ups pick up the cues, work and meetings disappear like magic right away. The balance of space is the balance of life.

Work and life, cool blue and warm beige, technology and humanity—all these seemingly contraries have found a most comfortable balance through design.